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Doug and Heather Beckman are the current owners along with their children Nora, Jacob and Vivian. Doug and Heather are natives of Burlington. Nora and Jacob attend Danville Community School and are active in athletic and school activities. Nora is a member of the Danville Cornhuskers 4-H Club and enjoys showing at the Des Moines County Fair. They actively farm corn and soybeans along with pumpkins, gourds, and ornamental corn. Heather is the owner of Pink Wreath Company which sells handmade crafts, wreaths, and seasonal décor.

Beckman Surname – Name for someone who lived by a stream. How fitting to settle along Flint Creek.

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The Farm

Beckman Heritage Farm is located just 8 miles north of Burlington, off Flint Bottom. It is easily accessible from highways 61 and 34. The original farm is currently 140 acres and borders Flint Creek and is located along the Flint River Trail system. The Beckman’s live on a 240-acre neighboring property that connects to the original farm on its Northern boundary. The family actively supports conservation efforts through continued improvements to water quality and timber management. The farm has over 30 acres of native prairie grass that is part of the Conservation Reserve Program and 6 acres of pollinating plants to support bees and butterflies. There is a trail system for visitors that leads to the natural spring that is surrounded by limestone that has been hollowed out over thousands of years.

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Historic Timeline

Settlement began in present day Burlington and was officially named the following year.


Burlington was designated the second territorial capital of the Wisconsin Territory.


The Iowa Territory was organized, and Burlington was the first territorial capital.


Alexis Phelps purchased 320 acres from the General Land office of the United States for $400.00. Mr. Phelps, a native of New York, was a fur trader who founded the town of Oquawka, IL along with his brother Stephen. His original home in Oquawka is now a museum and open for tours.

October 22, 1839

Alexis Phelps sells 160 acres to Maria Mathilde Beckman (aka Mary Beckman) for $250.00. Maria was born in Germany on November 12, 1789, and immigrated to the United States in 1841 at the age of 52 with her four children, Caroline (25), William (22), Charles (20) and John (18).

March 8, 1842

Mary Beckman sells the 160 acres to Frederick Weidekind for $900.00

November 1, 1845

Iowa is admitted to the union as the 29th state of the United States.

December 28, 1846

Foreclosure judgement is entered against Frederick Weidekind.

October 17, 1848

Mary Beckman is the highest bidder at a Sheriff’s auction and purchases 160 acres a second time for $538.50.

December 19, 1848

The Burlington and Missouri River Railroad is established in Burlington and is the first to serve the area. In 1856 the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad would reach the Mississippi River on the Illinois side and ferry cars across the river with a bridge being constructed in 1868.


The civil war begins with the attack on Fort Sumter. Confederate forces would surrender on May 9, 1865.

April 12, 1861

Maria sells the farm to her oldest son William Beckman and his wife Mary for $3000.00.

February 17, 1876

William and Mary sell the farm to their oldest son Louis Beckman and his wife Sarah for $3837.50.

March 21, 1895

The 19th amendment is ratified and gave women the right to vote. This was 78 years after Maria first purchased the farm in 1842.

August 18, 1920

The Estate of Louis Beckman sells the farm to Louis’s son Wilfred Beckman and his wife Vera.

May 29, 1941

Wilfred and Vera's son Earl is drafted into the US Army. In the early morning hours of the day he left for his deployment to Korea, he dug up a sapling near Flint Creek and planted it in the front yard for his mother in case he didn't come home.


The Estate of Wilfred and Vera Beckman sell the farm to their oldest son Earl Beckman and his wife Mildred.

October 25, 1989

Earl and Mildred sell the farm to their grandson Douglas Beckman and his wife Heather. August 2017 – Doug & Heather Beckman family receive a Heritage Farm Award at the Iowa State Fair for being in the same family for 150 years.

February 23, 2016

The 1895 hay barn is cleaned out and a new concrete floor installed. A Fall Market is held in September with area vendors set up and pumpkins and fall décor for sale.


Renovations on the hay barn continued with electricity and new metal siding installed. A Fall Market was held again in September with great success. The number of vendors doubled, and attendance tripled from the year before. A wedding reception was held at the farm in October.


The farm is 175 years old and is officially open for weddings and events. A corn maze is being added and a Fall Market is planned again in September.



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